Recent Solo Exhibitions



August 26 – September 8, 2017
Milvus Artistic Research Center, Kivik, Sweden  

Eight new paintings, developed and completed in residence at MARC. These new mixed-media works are composed using controllable and uncontrollable chemical processes (bleach and polymer), a diverse range of materials (charcoal, pastel, VHS/cassette tape, paper, paint) and found imagery (local newspapers, brochures, and catalogs). They were presented in conjunction with Joanna Kotze’s MARC residency and performances, which Allen is participating in as both performer and visual artist.


December 3–11, 2016
Five Myles, Brooklyn presented as part of the BRIC Biennial: Volume II, Bed-Stuy / Crown Heights Edition

Ten paintings developed on Governors Island in 2017 and made with controllable and uncontrollable processes – channeling frustration and anxiety about the current state of the world.


November 20–December 11, 2015
This Friday or Next Friday, Brooklyn

Fifteen new paintings developed on Governors Island and a limited edition chapbook with poems by a limited edition chapbook with poems by Alicia Jo Rabins, Erica Kaufman, John Coletti, Laura Henricksen, Todd Colby, Don P. Hooper, Anselm Berrigan, Joe Pan, Greg Fuchs, Arlo Quint, Paula Bomer, Karen Weiser, and Stacy Szymaszek. 


July–September, 2016
Private residence in the East Village, NYC

Fourteen paintings and one video developed in residencies in Italy, Ireland, upstate New York, and on Governors Island, these works on paper, canvas, and video use space and location as structuring devices. The resulting compositions range from classically ordered landscapes to esoteric, fluid passages of text and image; from rectilinear grids to chaos; from hard-edged collaged graphics to painterly washes of light. These collaged, painted, and stop-motion worlds operate in the friction between vastness and intimacy, meta and micro, everywhere and here.